A selected list of projects that I have contributed to or have made. Many more can be found out over at my Github profile.


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Command line apps


SRM Search Engine

A general purpose Search Engine which is funded by the National Internet Exchange, Govt. of India

Covered thrice by Times Of India, titled

The TV channel “Vasanth TV” aired us once. Yeah thats much about it!


A high accuracy spam filtering system built on top of a custom Naive Bayes Classifier to extract specific feature sets. Designed and developed RESTful APIs using Flask for users to integrate our service with their apps. Implemented Caching for server load reduction. Achieved over 3000 users in the first version of the application. Classifier was trained against 33,000 emails.

python, nltk, Machine Learning, flask, REST APIs, dill

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Custom Naive Bayes classifier in the form of pip module , which can be trained on your own dataset for classifying emails into spam/ham. Accuracy achieved: 80%-90%. Blazingly fast once trained. “Dill” was used to serialize the classifier object for later use. Powers the web app Plino

As covered by

python, nltk, Machine Learning, dill

Movie Reviews Analysis

An analysis of the movie_reviews corpus present in the nltk corpus by applying various machine learning algorithms (like MultinomialNB, LogisticRegression, LinearSVC and some more)

python, nltk, pickle, scikitlearn



A python module using which you can get Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, translations and what not for a given word!

python, requests

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Space Shooter

Go back to the memory lane by playing spaceShooter on your system.

python, pygame, cxFreeze, pyinstaller, sprites

As covered by

Wanna play? Requires no installation! Just unzip it and you are good to go!


Was the team leader for Startup Weekend Chennai, 2015 where we made a Food recommendation system.

python, beautifulsoup4, Image Processing, tesseract-OCR, Mongo-DB, HMTL, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, PIL

Startup weekend Team page:


A cross platform, command line note taking app built using python. peewee was used as the ORM choice.

python, pycrypto, pysqlcipher3, peewee, sqlite3, clint, args

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Simply put, a markov chains based sentence generator

She tries striking conversations with you with her cohesive sentences after you have given her fill of text to her. And no she won’t complain about how big your corpus is. Also, don’t ask her if she can pass the turing test. She might not talk to you again.

The results are often just nonsense, but at times can be strangely poetic - the sentences below were generated from the text of “The Hamlet” by Shakespeare:

If his occulted guilt, Do not it selfe vnkennell in one speech, It is most retrograde to our desire And we beseech you, bend you to remaine Heere in the cheere and comfort of our eye, Our cheefest Courtier Cosin, and our whole Kingdome To be contracted in one brow of woe Yet so farre hath Discretion fought with Nature, That we with wisest sorrow thinke on him, Together with remembrance of our selues.

python, markov chains



Blog post explaining how it works

Role based access control (RBAC0) implementation

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A GUI demonstration of SQL injection and prevention techniques on a local SQLite database following the guidelines layed out by OWASP.

python, tkinter, sqlite3



Python module to extract every possible meta data from a Zip Code. Meta data like what?

python, requests



A command line application to download all xkcd’s which have been uploaded till date. Ever!

python, requests, beautifulsoup4, docopt, python-magic

As covered by


A cross platform, GUI calculator.

The making of this project was covered in a blog post of mine if you are curious.

python, tkinter


An opiniated slack bot for SRMSE’s slack channel

Related blog post of mine

python, slackclient, requests

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