Keyboard setups over time

Keyboard setups over time

Over the years, I have used different keyboards for myself, and my setups have changed over time.

This post is just me assimilating over the setups which I have used over the years to reflect back on the memories with each setup.

College days

I would use the laptop keyboard itself when I was in college back then, it had a really tiny keyboard and was an ultrabook which didn’t have a CD-ROM. The setup in my room was also not very ergonomic in the first place as I didn’t have a chair which was ergonomic enough for me with the desk. But it was nevertheless the first setup which I had in all fairness.

For elevating the laptop, from it’s usual level on the table, I would use books to raise it a bit above, but that was also acting up as a helper for the fan for the laptop, which was notorious to get heated up really quickly. One reason being, the fan was just too small and it being that compact, might not have really helped in the whole heatmanagement of the whole machine.

This setup was mostly what I used for the rest of college, this image dates back to 2015.

Getting my first keyboard

Or rather, getting my first set of keyboards, this was the time when I had heard about mechanical keyboards and was excited about having one for myself. In that phase, I got not one but two mechanical keyboards, both of them being Cherry MX Blue.

They did make some noise as compared to my last setup

The two keyboards being

Here’s a picture of me with both of the keyboards, over at possibly the first mechanical keyboard meetup in Bangalore, dating back to 2019, which also was the start of the /r/mkindia community.

Change over from Cherry MX blue to Cherry MX brown switch

At some point, I decided to try out the brown switch, as I hadn’t tried it before, it did feel different from the blue switch, but I got used to it over time.

The keyboard ended being a CM storm QuickFire Rapid

Current setup as of September 2023

Had been using my Keycool 84 mini along with my Coolermaster mostly, with a logitech pebble mouse. I really wanted to try the orthogonal layout along with a curved and split setup.

And I ended up with the Kinsesis Advantage 360 Pro, along with the logitech MX vertical mouse.

The keyboard certainly has taken me time to get used to for sure, but I have liked it so far, the initial days of using it were super slow, but I am slowly getting back to the touch typing on it.

This is combined with a standing desk and a nice ergonomic chair and a single monitor with a laptop stand. Looking back, the setup has certainly come a long way.