GSoC 2017 with oVirt - Ending Notes

GSoC 2017 with oVirt - Ending Notes

Start of Coding Period

This was also the time when I started my first contributions to oVirt. I surely remember getting just started with Ansible which was to be used in the project with oVirt.

Lukas was very patient to help me with understanding the parts which would be used by me in the project and was very patient in every step.

Right from the application period of March, 2017. Every week has been a new learning experience for me.

I had a lot of side projects but never had I worked with an organisation this big and many developers behind it. It was an experience it in it’s own.

During this phase, I was travelling in between during the phase 2 due to relocation to a different state. That was from Bangalore to Dehradun. Quite a pretty place if you ask me.

Would sometimes work out of the local coffee shop and trust me internet can be a problem sometimes if you cross your FUP.

There were times when I literally got badly stuck in a bug or a problem which I couldn’t get my head through which also taught me that if you stick to the problems long enough they can be solved

This was also the time when I got into a habit of tracking everything related to side projects or GSoC.

The above is back from my 1st evaluation.

Continuing the tradition for the last month

Not the cleanest, but works for me.

I was lucky to be given a chance to speak at PyCon Taiwan 2017.

(From left: Subhankar, founders of function Space and me on the extreme right)

From attending my first conference in 2014 to giving a talk at one of the PyCon’s. It sure has been a journey.

Ending notes

As the coding period ends, I would like to thank my mentor Lukáš Svatý, for being there for my silly questions and giving me the direction, without whom nothing would have been possible and also the community members and people in the oVirt project. Without their guidance, I would be lost.

Here is an assimilated link to all my contributions and blog posts so far.

Takeaways for me

Future Work

Continuing the work for Metrics Playbook deployment

As I write the last post for phase 3. I look back at the things contributing to oVirt has taught, things which will be there with me even after this. And I am glad that I submitted that proposal that day :)

Until next time!