Hello oVirt, GSoC 2017

Hello oVirt, GSoC 2017

So Chelsea won their last Premier league match against Everton hands down last Sunday. And we had a very comfortable win I would say.

Pedro’s 25-yard stunner, Gary Cahill’s close-range finish and Willian’s tap-in kept us ahead of The toffees. Courtois got his much deserved clean sheet. Wouldn’t be wrong to say that we had a great day.

We are just 3 wins away from the premier league title with Tottenham right behind our backs.

What other better news can there be for me?

Google Summer of Code

Well turns out there is. I got accepted for GSoC 2017 under oVirt and will be working with Lukas Svaty among others this summer.

Building things which ease human effort is something which I deeply believe in.

I used to read a lot of xkcd so ended up making an xkcd-dl, a cross platform comic downloader for readers. I liked playing classic FPS games so I ended up writing spaceShooter, a cross platform game using pygame which ended up on HN, Product hunt and what not. Used to spend most of the time at the terminal, had a lot of .txt files lying around which had random links or pieces of text conjured from couch surfing. Thought I should keep them at a unified place with tags and a searcheable interface. Hacked together tnote which does just that. And so on for my other projects.

There was a need and hence I built it!

GSoC is all about coming together with the community and building things which would be used by thousands(if not millions). And oVirt would allow me to live by that very statement.

oVirt is a product very similar to vsphere offered by VMWare. Both of them are competitor of sorts in that space. Both being server virtualisation tools.

The open source project is the downstream version of the commercial product. Just as is the case with other Redhat projects. You have RHEL which is the upstream version of CentOS which is nothing but the hardened version of fedora.

About my project specifically

So I have been fooling around a configuration management tool called Ansible for some months now (which would be evident from my feed if you stumble upon my blog once in while). Apparantly, my interests co-incided with one of the project proposals at oVirt. So there you go.

If you are curious about the whole project proposal, here is the link to it for you to read more about it :)

All in all I cannot be more excited about this!