Demystifying how imports work in python, ChennaiPy

Demystifying how imports work in python, ChennaiPy

22nd October, 2016

Clock goes overboard and tries waking me up. Which it has been unsuccessfully trying to do for the last two months. Thanks ma, for the lovely gift. But I woke up to the sweet melody of my roomate’s snoring.

Anyway, I was still intoxicated by last nights coffee. Remembered I still had to finish the slides of the talk that I had to give over @ ChennaiPy, October Meetup’16.

So finally, I did complete the slides and off we went over to the IMSC, chennai campus where the meetup was to be held. This being my second time there.

Deep dive into dictionary

The first talk up was given by the very talented Naren, who works as a Backend engineer @ Mad street Den. He went on explaining how the interals of dictionary is implemented as Hash tables in python.

Demystifying how imports work in python

Fun fact. This was the talk for which I had been preparing the slides for earlier that morning. All in all, it was a very good feeling to give a talk in front of a large crowd.

Here are the slides.

Code snippets:

Introduction to selenium

Mayur did a great job in introducing us to testing using selenium. Was a fun talk overall.

That’s me by the way. Thanks to the bad camera quality sigh.

The lovely crowd for the meetup. Cheers to them!