Pycon India 2016, New Delhi

Pycon India 2016, New Delhi

This year being no different, I attended PyCon India (yet again, this being my 3rd one). The only difference being that this time it was being held at New Delhi instead of Bangalore.

Met many of my old friends, made some new ones, interacted with some really interesting people and should I say met some legendary guys/gals too. All in all it was just like the previous year. Felt just like home!


Puneet gave a really interesting talk about how to generate tests and not actually write them. Anand as usual was on his best and his talk on decorators was truly delightful. All in all, every talk had something to take away home with.

On top of it, we had Andreas Mueller with us this time. He is a core contributer and maintainer to the scikit-learn machine learning library.

Lev was there too. He is the community manager for the gensim library. BG from helpshift. Van from Rackspace International. And the list just goes on!

Ending note

I could write another two paragraphs about it but as I have my mid sems starting tomorrow, I will keep it short and try opening those notes I borrowed.

Some pictures to drool by.

If you are looking for me, I am the unkempt haired guy with the black wingify T-shirt

Pycharm spreading some of their love

That was Lev and his Random Forest T. ML guys would get the reference here.

And that is Van. What a humble guy. Given that he is a Vice President @ RackSpace.

The only thing which I regretted was to not propose a talk for this years PyCon. But I hope I will do so for the next years PyCon. See you there then!