Trying out Oculus Rift: Development kit 2

Trying out Oculus Rift: Development kit 2

I woke up and found myself inside the elevator. A rather spooky one I would say. Questions like “Why was I inside an elevator?” would come to your mind. I am coming to that.


I was all alone inside the dimly lit elevator. A sudden jerk and the next thing I know is that the lift is going up.

I look around and it seems all normal to me. Next, the lift stops at the 4th floor. The door opens and I look outside the elevator door. I was expecting to see somebody as I didn’t press any of the buttons. Door closes automatically and up we go again.

We stop again at the 10th floor. I again don’t remember myself pressing anything, but what the heck right. The door opens and the next thing I see makes me jump two steps closer to the back of the elevator. What was it you ask?

Did you say a tricyle?

It was a tricycle! The ones which we all used to have when we were in playschool! I assured myself that it must have been left by some kid playing around and that he/she must be nearby the door. I try peeping out but all I see is utter darkness. Out of nowhere, a basketball is thrown inside the lift and I swear to god I shouted like anything!

The door closes again. The lift starts moving up and suddenly there is complete blackness inside. It takes me a moment to realize that there has been a powercut. I try looking for my cellphone in my pockets. But I can’t feel anything there.

After some restless moments, the power comes back. The lift starts moving up. I notice something really strange on the lift’s display. The numerics which display the floor on which the lift currently is, starts flickering. I don’t pay attention to it thinking that it might be due to some technical glitch. But what spookes me out is when the display decides to go haywire and display text which looks more of some foreign language to me!

Now I am frantically trying to press the buttons but all in vain. The lift stops and the door opens. I look up and see the same tricycle at the same place where it was on the floor beneath. Talk about coincidences when you don’t have any. Poor brain trying to calm you down I guess. Anyways.

Hello! Is anybody there?

The door closes after a brief 3-4 seconds and off we go again. I am contemplating about how the heck did I land up inside this lift and while I am thinking all this, the door opens again and I freeze.

I look up expecting the same old tricycle but I see none which does little to relieve me. I move forward to leave the elevator and the next thing I know is a dark shadow landing right in front of me! I mean right on my freckin’ face.

As I compose myself, I see the man standing right in front me. A black suit, red tie. I watch the masked man as I take fumbled steps towards the back of the elevator. I watch in horror, as the figure slowly grows in size and reaches a height in which his head literally touches the elevator top.

In a flick of a second, the masked man lungs at me and I fall down on the ground so as to dogde him.

And then I took off the Oculus Rift over from my head!

It all happened so fast that I was left panting for more!

Sorry for the long intro, but it would be shame if I did not explain the level of immersiveness of an Oculus with an experience. You have to try this thing out however you can and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the experience!

It’s been two week or so, since Milan 2k16 (our college cultural fest) has passed by. And I thank the guys over at Nvidia (being one of the many great sponsers that we had) and the guys at TGN for bringing over super cool gadgets and gaming rigs over to our college.

Enjoyed the fest and all the events in it, but this was the cherry on top for me.

Here’s me being dumbfounded by the next big thing after the internet!