Making of space Shooter using pygame

Making of space Shooter using pygame

I procrastinated enough in writing this post so here it goes. Pygame treated me good. So good that I was able to create a decent enough 2-D game in a day!

So here is my breakdown of it.

Creating the basic rectangles

I used the pygame-boilerplate which I made in the process of making this game.

It’s nothing groundbreaking. Provides just a basic starting ground for you to base your pygame projects. Saves you some gruntwork.

Adding the enemy sprites

At this point, the collisions needed to be added. When the player collided with a mob sprite, the game needs to end.

Adding the icons for all

Adding the icons for the sprites was not that hard. I got the icons from, more particulary from the Space shooter content pack from @kenney.

License for them is in Public Domain. This pack is a gem of a package. I mean you get all what you need in this pack!

The sound effects came next which included the explosions for the mob sprites as well as the player.

How about adding sound effects when shooting the missiles? Done deal!

Finishing it up

Done with the sound effects. The explosion animations. Was Left with adding things like high scores, player lives, health bar.

Something which I had not planned were powerups like shields and power ups. Dealing with Github feature requests anybody?

So this is what is what the main menu looks like

In the end. I loved making this game a lot and I hope you make something much cooler than this. Do share it when you do.

Here’s the git repo if you are interested in taking a look at the source code.


Wanna play?

Have a nostalgic trip back to your childhood playing it! You can Download it for your preferred system.

Best part, it requires no installation! Just unzip it and you are good to go

Download for linux based systems
Download for windows based systems

Support for MAC OS coming soon!

Happy coding!